Image of a baby playing with toys

Baby Toys

From the moment your baby is born, they need to be stimulated in ways which will help them to develop their senses.

The first sense would have to be sound, then after a month or two hearing and then touch. When you lay your baby in to their cot you would normally have a couple of musical baby toys, which would help them to sleep.

The benefits of playing with baby toys

As they get a little older and become more active and aware of their surroundings, the amount of baby toys grow and research has proven that educational baby toys can give your baby the best start by stimulating the brain at an early age.

There are literally thousands of baby toys on the market, but all aimed at the same thing which is to help babies learn as they grow. Most baby toys available all have some kind of flashing lights and different sounds which teach them if they push a button something will happen.

Mother and babies playing

Textures are important also as a baby will see an object and want to feel it, a baby is very inquisitive and basically wants to touch everything they see.

One of the first things parents usually buy as a baby toy is a baby gym which is a great way for your baby to first learn touch, they will grab with their hands and feet and get used to the different ways things react when they do.

As Babies get older they become fascinated by the flashing lights and strange sounds, usually a tune of some kind or sounds of animals which they find very exciting indeed.

Different shapes are a common baby toy, putting a square peg into a square hole, which they will find difficult at first but once they have mastered it and seen the reaction they get from their parents, they love it.

group of babies playing with toys

Soft baby toys like teddy bears and children's TV characters are very popular and some have the voices to match, some baby toys sing songs and can be great fun for them. Baby toys which help them learn to walk are fantastic and can be a very useful aid and give them lots of pleasure too.

Once they have found their feet and are a little more steady, the range of baby toys does get wider, you can get them baby toys to sit on, which they have to push with their legs to help muscle development and coordination, while giving them hours of pleasure in the process.

As technology advances the range of learning baby toys available grows larger, but the baby toys are all made for the same purpose, to help our children grow strong and healthy.

There really are so many baby toys available today and all of them do a terrific job, keeping our little ones amused for hours while they learn as they play. Baby toys have changed so much over past years, gone are the days when children would play with a stick and a hoop. As time moves ever onwards, what will the choices of baby toys be like in years to come?